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CATCO is a full-service catastrophe (fire, water, storm, flood, mold) restoration company. The articles appearing here give you a glimpse of our work, our industry and tips to help you with anything related to our services or those that may help owners facing these challenges.
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About Coronavirus (COVID-19)            

​ Credit: NIAID-RML ​

The novel Coronavirus (now referred to as COVID-19) has caused thousands of fatalities around the world. It is spread primarily from person-to-person, and evidence exists that a person can get it by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly
their eyes. The World Health Organization has reported that a global pandemic is possible, and the number of infected persons could increase exponentially.

With the rapid spread of the Coronavirus throughout the world, you might be wondering what you would

do if someone infected with the virus visited your hotel, resort or other place of business, and how you
would protect your patrons if this were to happen. If you are in an industry that may be more susceptible to interacting with people who may be infected with Coronavirus, here are some things you should do to ensure you are prepared to deal with the potential of an infected person passing through your place of business:

1. Don’t Take Unnecessary Risks
If the health and safety of your employees and guests are at risk, to prevent potential further spreading of the virus, you should carefully consider retaining the services of a company that is familiar with Coronavirus remediation work. Safely and effectively cleaning materials that range from porous and nonporous countertops to fibrous carpets and HVAC systems requires a significant amount of knowledge and expertise. Leveraging our experience with biological response activities collaborating with human health scientists, we have developed specialized protocols especially designed for high traffic environments like hotels, resorts retail, commercial and other businesses. Interstate Restoration has safely and effectively eliminated the coronavirus, giving you confidence that we can address this type of issue.

2. Ensure Your Remediation Team is Certified
Having poorly or under-trained team members attempt to remediate the Coronavirus may do more harm than good. Technicians who are ineffective or use the wrong equipment or products may unknowingly spread the virus rather than eliminating it. Our team members are IICRC-certified for biohazard remediation, containment and decontamination procedures, meaning that they have the skills required along with specialized demonstrated procedures to ensure that the disinfection and sanitation is handled professionally and effectively, virtually eliminating further transmission of the virus.

3. Follow Proven Safety Protocols
The key to safely removing Coronavirus is having proven safety plans, protocols and processes for cleaning and disinfection in place. Planning for and knowing how to immediately respond to every contingency is key to ensuring that the remediation job is successful. Interstate Restoration’s plans,
sanitation protocols and documented processes aren’t just theoretical – they have been used to safely and effectively eliminate the Coronavirus.

4. Protect Your Reputation
It may be tempting to go with the lowest-cost remediation provider, but that decision may be very costly in the long run. An ineffective remediation provider may fail to eliminate the virus – or, worse still, actually spread the virus – and that may create significant risk to your reputation not to mention create additional financial liability for you. Having an employee or customer contract Coronavirus after an ineffective remediation effort could expose you to additional business risk. Our expert technicians follow rigorous safety plans and use after-the-fact testing to demonstrate that the job was done correctly and effectively.

5. Confidentiality is Key
The damage to your reputation and bottom line could be devastating if the public learned that you had Coronavirus on your property. All of our work is done discretely, quietly and confidentially. We identify staging areas that are off-limits to the public and secure work sites so that no one other than our clients are aware of our efforts. We have confidentiality and non-disclosure language in our contracts so that you don’t have to worry about our work hurting your bottom line.

Contact CATCO, An Interstate Restoration Company, today at 800-642-2826.

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