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CATCO Helps with Hoarding Clean-up

Hoarding Disorder (HD), is a pattern of behavior characterized by excessive acquisition along with the inability or unwillingness to discard large
kitchen of hoarder
Hoarding example
quantities of objects that cover living areas. Affecting about four percent of the world’s population, HD can cause significant distress or impairment.
Many hoarding situations cannot be properly and safely cleaned without the help of a specialty cleaning company.  A house that has experienced hoarding damage presents a bio-hazard, meaning it is a risk to peoples’ safety.  It is important to call a professional hoarding cleanup company rather than a maid service who may not have the appropriate knowledge nor the equipment to deal with the situation.
Insurance carriers may need to investigate the problem and, in a few cases, may pay for cleanup. In addition, recurrence of HD is likely without treatment. Experts often stress not to be ashamed about the problem, since hoarding tendencies are true mental health problems rather than someone just being lazy.
While it’s common for people to have cluttered homes, HD is not the same thing. It’s most often found in persons who have additional mental challenges, such as dementia. Before hiring anyone for this type of cleaning, we urge you to investigate further.  The following website is a good resource for the family and friends of those who are suspected of having HD:
The legal system can become involved in cases of hoarding, and interventions may be necessary.  Cleanup of the property must be handled as part of an overall plan to assist the person and loved ones through the process. 
CATCO’s staff can assist you with this daunting project, from an estimate and scope of work through cleaning, hauling and even reconstruction as necessary.
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