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CATCO is a full-service restoration company with both cleaning and construction, and as such offers numerous services that fulfill the whole on our
CATCO is prepared
projects, large or small.
We offer specialty services that other cleaning companies or contractors just don't provide. Some of the other specialties we perform are listed here, but if you have a unique project and don't know where to turn, call us.  We welcome the challenge. 

Overhead Cleaning

Dust, debris and particulates from manufacturing processes can collect on truss systems, ductwork, overhead pipes and fixtures over time.  CATCO has trained technicians who can assist facilities managers with cleaning overhead areas in a variety of facilities, including gymnasiums, food processors, manufacturing plants, industrial settings, and warehouses.

CATCO Helps with Hoarding Clean Up & Hauling

Hoarding Disorder (HD), is a pattern of behavior characterized by excessive acquisition along with the inability or unwillingness to discard large
kitchen of hoarder
Hoarding example
quantities of objects that cover living areas. Affecting about four percent of the world’s population, HD can cause significant distress or impairment.

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