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CATCO is a full-service restoration company, and as such offers numerous services that fulfill the whole on our projects.

Overhead Cleaning

Dust, debris and particulates from manufacturing processes can collect on truss systems, ductwork, overhead pipes and fixtures over time.  CATCO has trained technicians who can assist facilities managers with cleaning overhead areas in a variety of facilities, including gymnasiums, food processors, manufacturing plants, industrial settings, and warehouses.
Overhead cleaning in gym
Our OSHA certified and insured personnel can accomplish the task safely and efficiently, whether from lifts or from scaffolding. They will work around your schedule to ensure you keep your maintenance calendar up to date.  Our project managers work with you to coordinate shift work and your other contractors onsite when time is at a premium.
Our technicians can construct containment systems, as needed, to protect your environment during the cleaning process as well, thus preventing cross contamination and shut down of production in the general area whenever possible.
Our mechanical hygiene and duct cleaning crew can also assist with the interior of your HVAC systems in concert with this external cleaning of exposed ductwork. They specialize in thorough cleaning of your systems to benefit efficiency as well as your indoor environment.

CATCO Helps with Hoarding Clean Up and Hauling

Hoarding Disorder (HD), is a pattern of behavior characterized by excessive acquisition along with the inability or unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects that cover living areas. Affecting about four percent of the world’s population, HD can cause significant distress or impairment.

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