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TIPS: Temporary Interior Protection Services

TIPS: Temporary Interior Protection Services

Overhead protection in place at local grocery
Overhead Protection in place
CATCO has been providing Temporary Interior Protection Services (TIPS), both as part of our restoration projects and as an extension of our services to other contractors, for more than 15 years in the St. Louis region and beyond.  A commercial roofing contractor first approached our team to assist them on a large reroofing project at a nearby government contracting facility.  They needed someone to build a temporary horizontal containment system high above sensitive assembly line areas before they demolished the existing roofing materials and to provide ongoing cleaning, monitoring, final clean up and take downs at the project’s end. 
CATCO crews, working 30-plus feet above the factory floor, hung a series of polypropylene sheeting and netting to catch dust and debris from the tear-off.  They worked during the night shift and kept some crews onsite throughout the project as well.
Since that time, our technicians have fine-tuned their systems for both horizontal suspended ceilings and vertical containment walls using ever-improving materials and methods that emphasize safety, efficiency and cleanliness.  CATCO was at the forefront of this new service and continues to be a leader in this specialized field today.
TIPS crews have worked with several roofing contractors, property managers, facilities managers and roofing consultants to provide this valuable service.  The building owners and occupants can continue operations during the re-roofing or other construction work, unheeded, saving them and the contractors money from damages as well as lost production time.
CATCO TIPS crews are OSHA compliant, bonded and insured. 
Temporary Interior Protection Services complement CATCO’s overhead cleaning services and mechanical hygiene services.  Unlike other protection services, we can also provide HEPA filtered cleaning and full commercial HVAC system cleaning.  Using some of the same state-of-the-art equipment and techniques we use in mold remediation, fire, smoke and water mitigation, we can assist building occupants in preserving indoor air quality as well by temporarily installing air scrubbers, negative air machines or Odorox Hydroxol generators onsite throughout the renovations. 
Types of projects and clients using TIPS:
    Commercial Reroofing
    Hospital and Nursing Care Renovations
    Mold Remediation in Occupied Spaces
    Overhead Cleaning in Manufacturing Plants
    Smoke/Fire Restoration of Food Processing Facilities
containment barrier
Containment during restoration
Materials Used:
CATCO utilizes U.S.A.-made materials for applications on a customized basis, considering the client’s requirements for fire-retardancy and a variety of strengths as well as access, vertical vs. horizontal installations and access requirements.  
CATCO estimators provide specifics on the materials to be used on each project proposal.
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