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Air Duct Cleaning

duct cleaning services before photoIndoor air quality can be greatly compromised by dirty HVAC systems, particularly when the source of contamination is the result of fire or water damage.

Using Air Conveyance Treatment Services (ACTS), CATCO cleans both commercial and residential air delivery systems, including all ductwork. Our National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) certified technicians use high pressure, HEPA-filtration vacuum equipment to thoroughly remove contaminants from HVAC systems. In addition, ACTS performs specialized remediation services related to mold contamination.

CATCO performs duct cleaning work during restoration projects as well as a maintenance service in commercial/industrial settings.

Residential Services

  1. CATCO's certified NADCA technicians will walk through your home with you to address your concerns and answer your questions. Following the walk-though, we will protect the floors with drop cloths and setup our cleaning system, which involves the use of a high-powered vacuum hose stretching from your home and furnace to our cleaning vehicle. All dirt and debris removed from your duct system will be whisked outside to our vehicle for later disposal.
  2. Technicians will remove your supply and cold air return registers for cleaning. Washing and sanitizing will normally take place outside (weather permitting).
  3. Technicians will create an 8" access hole in the supply main line and in the return main line for vacuum hose attachment. Each access will be covered with a leak proof patch after the duct cleaning is complete.
  4. In addition to cleaning the ducts, CATCO technicians will also remove your furnace fan for cleaning and sanitizing and clean the fan and fan compartment. This important step is necessary to insure the elimination of air borne particulate. The air conditioning coils will be vacuumed and treated with a coil cleaner. Cleaning air conditioning coils can help lower your energy costs as a dirty coil can restrict airflow, making your system work harder. The coils and coil drain pan is an important step in the process as this area is an ideal breeding place for mold and bacteria. In many cases, indoor air quality problems start with dirty coils and humidifiers.Once the coils are cleaned, they will be protects so as to not draw additional dirt through during the vacuuming process
  5. Once the system is ready, we will begin cleaning with our powerful vacuum system. Technicians will insert a compressed air powered cleaning tool to agitate and push/pull the debris towards the vacuum hose where it will be taken outside and stored in our vehicle. Technicians will clean all of your vent runs and proceed to the basement to repeat the process on the trunk lines. If necessary, we may create a 1" hole in critical access points in the main lines to insert our cleaning tools. These access holes will be plugged with a plastic leak-proof plug designed for this purpose.
  6. After the duct system, furnace, coils, and registers are cleaned, we will replace the registers, reassemble and test the furnace, patch and plug all access holes, and vacuum around the vent covers and in walkways leaving you with a thoroughly clean system and home.

Commercial Services

Oftentimes, commercial buildings may lack efficient air handling systems or the filtration systems may not be as effective as they once were. Over time, this can result in large amounts of particulate build-up inside the building systems, further exacerbating the air handling problem. Additionally, dirty air ducts can trap and collect bacteria and mold, and, in older buildings, these systems may also harbor asbestos and lead paint dust. Further, dirty air conditioning coils and drain pans can become ideal breeding grounds for mold and funguses.

CATCO's expert NADCA technicians will thoroughly clean and treat the air handling systems within your commercial building. Cleaning commercial air handling systems requires the expertise of trained technicians, equipped with industry-specific equipment, following industry-proven processes to ensure the health and safety of the building's occupants. Through this cleaning system, building owners can provide a cleaner and more safe environment for employees as well as reduced their energy costs through the use of a cleaner, and thus more efficient, system.

Duct Cleaning Projects

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