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St. Charles, MO


Kansas City, MO

Fire Damage

Regional Grocery Chain

Project: Regional Grocery Chain
  • Fire Damage Refrigeration Unit
  • Fire Grocery store Repaired
  • Sign Damage at Grocery
  • Fire Grocery Cleaning Crew


  • 68,000 square foot grocery store.
  • Fire started in meat refrigeration units and spread in the surrounding area.
  • Light to moderate soot was found throughout the store.

CATCO's Solution:

  • Cleaning and decontamination of all of the cooling units and the surrounding area.
  • Cleaned and replaced air conditioning units and ceiling tiles.
  • Mechanical hygiene - cleaned the complete air delivery system throughout the store.
  • Estimated 15 days of work and completed in the job in 9 days, allowing the store to reopen fully ahead of schedule.
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