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Construction Projects

Ursuline Academy

Project: Early Childhood Center
  • Ursuline Interior Construction
  • Ursuline Exterior New Facade
  • Ursuline Completed Walkway
  • Ursuline Exterior Pre-construction


  • 16,000 square foot building housing classrooms and storage/laundry facility.
  • Building sat on a slab that often flooded.

CATCO's Solution:

  • Removed 4,000 square feet of the foundation and backfilled the area, thereby removing the potential for future water damage.
  • Worked with local architectural firm and CATCO served as General Contractor.
  • Replaced the gym flooring in new building.
  • Conducted extensive mold remediation.
  • Converted the 10,000 square foot gymnasium into a new multi-purpose building housing dance studio, etc. by adding 7,000 square feet of new construction.
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