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Home Remediation - Mildew

Much appreciation and sincere thanks George and I send to you and your Catco team! The work needed to rid our home of mildew you very carefully diagnosed, then planned the procedure with Paul Long to take care of it. and oversaw the clean-up work to the end right through to the HVAC cleaning to make our home "right" again with Paul's team of 3. They were 3 hardworking guys!! The scope of the remediation was carefully explained and you were careful to include all our concerns in your bid. The finished job met all of your promises and our expectations. (And you all learned I am one picky lady to deal with!) The re-testing done by Edge Testing Service/Michael Blank came back with terrific results. I especially appreciated your trips to our home to "be sure" everything was going to be done right, and the fact I never felt rushed or pressured by you for anything.

We do appreciate dealing with a company that cares about their customer and takes pride in their work and reputation. I appreciated so much dealing with persons who knew "his business through and through". And that was you and Paul for sure. It is not always the case for sure in this time. Needing many different things in our project, we found looking for all the "right ones" (companies) was a very stressful procedure as we had no previous experience in this area, nor did any of our friends or neighbors ..... a "to the yellow pages we go" and prayer experience for us for sure!! We had so many different issues to rectify which meant so many different people to coordinate. We called 3 other remediation companies who looked at the job and bid, but honestly, there was no comparison with Catco.

Nancy M.

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