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What does Responder Rescue do? 
They provide assistance; emotional, tangible or monetary, to any area first responders, who has been injured, become ill or suffered a traumatic situation after all other resources have been exhausted.
Who Does Responder Rescue Help?
Each day, thousands of police officers, firefighters, and EMS workers strive to keep all of us safe. While we often see these men and women as daily heroes, they still face injury, illness and traumatic events; on and off duty. Unfortunately, there is only so much their insurance companies and their own departments can do to help. Responder Rescue, a 501(c)(3) organization,was established in 2009 by a St. Louis metro area fire Captain who saw this unmet need. As a result, Responder Rescue's goal is to help provide the additional financial and emotional assistance to these men and women
How Does Responder Rescue Help?
Responder Rescue provides assistance to our first responders through fundraisers, donations, and grants given by our citizens, communities and local corporations. In the short time Responder Rescue has been fully operational, they’ve assisted more than 100 first responders and their families. They’ve provided assistance in the form of house, car, utility and insurance payments, school tuition, medical supplies and other needs acquired due to injury, illness or event.
Responder Rescue also teams up with other local charities by providing them with volunteers as well as an avenue to raise money for area responders within their own communities. Responder Rescue is committed to helping those who help us on a daily basis.  They are uniquely committed to those first responders suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder with their Heroes program.
CATCO's Rich Johns with friends at the 2018 Fallen Hero Ride
CATCO’s Responder Rescue Donation Program
We at CATCO believe in the work that Responder Rescue does, helping first responders who are trying to overcome emergencies of their own. We’ve donated to their cause, and we propose to keep supporting their efforts both monetarily and voluntarily as CATCO strives to give back to the communities who have supported us. 
In August of 2018, CATCO donated a kick-off check to Responder Rescue and pledged to donate funds to Responder Rescue for every fire reconstruction job for which we sign a contract.
Plus, CATCO’s employees pledge to assist Responder Rescue whenever possible with volunteers at events.  You’ll see photos on this page of future local RR events, as well as links to their website and facebook page.
How can You Help?
Go to the Responder Rescue website for more information about donating, volunteering, or even holding a fund-raiser for this worthwhile cause!                                                                                      Click here to to go to the Responder Rescue Site
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