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What can I expect from water damage restoration?

When you call CATCO for help after a water loss, our account manager will ask you questions that will help determine how to approach the restoration of your home or business.  
  • He or she will dispatch our trained crews to arrive within a couple hours of your call.  
  • Once they arrive, the crew leader will inspect the damage, while CATCO technicians immediately start pumping and extracting any standing water quickly.  
  • The crew will move/remove any furniture and debris and carefully remove baseboards and drill holes as needed to effectively dry the structure.  (If required by the level of contamination, they’ll remove carpet, pad and building materials as well.  
  • They will clean structure and personal items using plant-based sanitizers that will help prevent mold growth in the affected area. 
  • They check moisture and temperature levels and set up professional-quality air movers and dehumidifiers to appropriately control the drying process.  
  • Once the equipment is set, you’ll need to leave it running over the course of several days.  
  • CATCO’s dispatch office will send a technician back during that time to monitor the process until the affected area is dry. 
  • Once dry, our reconstruction crews can assist you with repairs as needed to return your home or business to a pre-loss condition.
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