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What is mold remediation?

To remediate is to remove and decontaminate an affected area.  When it comes to mold remediation, how that removal is accomplished is determined by the type and amount of mold and the size of the area affected.  A third party environmental hygienist takes samples and has them tested, then he or she develops a protocol that should be followed to effectively return the property to a pre-mold growth state. The inspector usually helps to determine the cause of the mold growth as well so that repairs may be made first. In a small area with a common mold on hard surfaces only, the process may entail vacuuming with HEPA-filtered vacuums and wiping surfaces with an antimicrobial cleaner.  But a larger area with a more problematic type of mold, with upholstery or carpet and more contamination will likely include constructing a containment area under negative air pressure, careful demolition and debris removal, then structural cleaning and application of antimicrobials.  What it is NOT?  Mold remediation is not spraying surfaces with bleach and calling it a day when the mold staining disappears. (The mold spores would still be there to cause possible problems.)
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