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Insurance & Payment

Your policy, or service agreement with your insurance company, usually includes a deductible amount that must be paid toward the cost of clean-up or repairs before the insurance company takes over on any covered loss.  For example, if you have a $1,000 deductible on your policy, and your home sustains water damage totaling $3,000, you will pay the first $1,000 toward covered repairs or replacements, and your insurance company will pay the remaining $2,000, or the balance of the bill, up to the policy limit. Contractors cannot hide additional monies in the bill or waive the deductible, as doing so could be considered insurance fraud.  CATCO’s account manager can talk with you about accepted forms of payment.
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The property owner is ultimately responsible to pay for all services provided by a restoration contractor of any kind, and you would sign a work authorization or contract for any work performed.  Your insurance company, through the process of adjusting the total claim will issue checks to cover the damages to you and/or the contractor to pay for the repairs, but in the event any portion of the work performed isn’t covered by insurance, you would be responsible to pay the difference.  This includes the cost for cleaning of personal property (including that belonging to a renter).
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The decision is yours, as it would depend on the type and size of the loss.  Many people pay for smaller losses themselves, but if you are covered by insurance and the loss is likely to be more than your deductible it’d be wise to check with your agent.
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CATCO’s estimators and project managers are well versed in working with insurance adjusters on claims.  While our staff works for you, our client, they are professionals who know how to approach a property loss correctly to develop the estimate and obtain adjuster approvals to efficiently handle the claim.  And should any changes or unexpected issues crop up during the restoration process, they immediately contact both the adjuster and the client to work through the problem or added expense.
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