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Fire & Smoke

Did a fire ruin the rest of your house? Here are some question about Fire Damage

The first thing you should do after a fire is contact your insurance agent or company to report the loss. Then call CATCO to begin the process of emergency services as soon as possible, which can start with any needed board-up to secure your property. 800-642-2826 puts you in touch with our on-call staff.
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CATCO can effectively clean and repair minor fire damage from a small fire with minimal soot damage in days, but the majority of fires cause more extensive damage involving not just soot, but actual structural damage as well as water damage from fire-fighting.  Most home fires take several months to fully restore. A property with an extensive fire, soot and water damage, employs all the services that CATCO provides for full-service restoration, including removal of personal belongings, demolition, structural cleaning, sealing, then full reconstruction services to rebuild it with materials similar to the original.  CATCO specializes in this turn-key approach that guarantees you not only the workmanship of the repairs, but also gives you the confidence that smoke odor, once removed, never returns.
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You should be wary of walking into a fire-damaged building due to possible structural issues as well as chemical off-gassing caused by combustion of the plethora of building materials used in today’s buildings. Full restoration, including odor removal takes more than quick cleaning and repainting.  Wise homeowners contact a qualified fire restoration professional to determine the full scope of work to restore their homes. CATCO’s certified technicians are equipped with the proper personal protective equipment while they fully clean and restore your home or business.  
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You should remove any jewelry or valuables and any firearms before any work begins.  Take any medications with you, but get replacement refills as soon as possible, it’s not a good idea to take medicines exposed to heat or smoke.  Tell the project manager about any unique or historic items that may require specialty handling.
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